Ontario's First and only UTD training facility. Located in the beautiful town of Aurora, just minutes from highway 404. Catering to the growing demand formore than just your weekend course training; DIR "Doing It Right" Philosophy.

We carry select premium lines of equipment that will represent both beginner students and experienced seasoned divers.

"We teach you Diving; Not just getting certified"

We aim to make you a diver for life! and nuture you along the way; keeping you in the water..

Reliable Training, Fair Prices is what our customers have said about us.

Dedicated to providing York Region and Ontario as a whole the best quality in training, service, and experience possible.

We teach you consistent, scalable skills, techniques and knowledge our students can apply to all of their diving. In turn increasing their awareness; this results in consistent muscle memeory. Increasing your effiency and allowing you to maximize your time underwater while building confidence and enjoyment of their dives. It provides a foundation that's consistent with any future endeavours they may pursue in their diving career, whether that be warm water reef diving, cold water Canadian recreational/technical divin, or wreck and/or cave diving.

We are proud to offer higher learning at all levels of recreational and technical scubadiving, but part of that exceptional learning stems from the implementation of state fo theart UTD equipment rentals, which is yet another thing that sets us above the competition, we havethegear you want and can buy in our rental fleet, rather than cheaper, lower performance equipment found elsewhere.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of training possible, and we have the track record to show it. Our class prices are for instruction only. In our classes, you will have our complete focus and undivided attention. We expect the same from our students, in order to provide the best learning experience.

We provide a professional, safe, enjoyable and productive learning experience\

You can expect honest objective feedback

We appreciate that you've choosen Great Lakes Divers for your dive training. We do not take that lightly, and we'll ensure we provide you with the high standards and qualitythat we build yourselves upon.