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MX Rebreather

The Only UTD/DIR capable mCCR Rebreather system
on the market. A very flexible system that can be
used in Back Mount or Side Mount configurations.

Team Diving in Mind

The MX and MX-Z are the only mCCR Rebreather configurations that adhere to UTD/DIR standards of diving. This means they can be used in an open circuit team. All UTD/DIR configurations have a denotable long hose and necklaced backup regulator for safety and consistenc .

Extremely Adaptable

Both the MX and MX-Z can go from recreational depths to technical depths exceeding 600' (180m) by simply adding more bailout back gas and deco gas. MX-Z, based Z Side Mount, puts bailout in Side Mount while the Rebreather can be Back Mounted or Side Mounted.

Custom Fit

A standard UTD/DIR back plate or Z-Harness can be custom fit to each diver. You can use either the Alpha Doubles Trim or the Alpha/Delta Single Trim devices. The advantages include comfort, ease of movement, simplicity, and minimal drag. This enables you to move through the water easier and be more efficient.The all new "Quick Adjust" can be easily intergrated.


The Z-Isolatable manifold allows the diver to plug in the dilute or deco gases of choice and provide the diver with up to 6 outputs.

A to Z Guides for Rebreather Configurations

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MX Back Mount
MX-Z Side Mount

Checklists for Configurations – Make sure you have all the equipment.

Alpha Single

Sport Back Mount Single Configuration

Vision System

Sport Back Mount Doubles Configuration

Alpha Back Mount Components – Make sure you have all the equipment.

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